Company Profile of Chip International

CHIP International (Custom Hardware & Industrial Printing) is a Dutch company specialized in inkjet print heads solutions and ink-jet printing solutions. The company was founded in 1993 by Mr. Thom Mes. The founder and director of the company Mr. Thom Mes has over twenty-two years of experience in ink-jet printing solutions within the marketplace of DM, Publishing, Graphical art, Newspaper and Coding.

Mr.Thom Mes, originally educated as a mechanical & electronics engineer, started his career in medical electronics. Mr. Mes was one of the pioneers in the field of bindery automation. There he was involved in high-end ink-jet printing solutions and industrial applications.

CHIP International main fields of interest are :

1. First line maintenance and service of Kodak ink-jet print head solutions, throughout Europe. We fully support; Kodak (and previous Scitex) 1 inch, 2 inch and 4 inch print heads and ink-jet systems.
2. CHIP International is official distributor of Kodak ink-jet print head and imprinting solutions in Europe and deeply imbedded in the direct market (DM) concepts, working closely together with Europe's leading controllers company Blackware (Kodak's controller platform).
3. Development of printer support; including hard- and software. Often additional hard- and/or software is required to run specific printers in various demanding applications.
4. Service almost 24/7, we too are -yet to succeed- to build a web-application to enable you to service your printers on you own (a continued service agreement will be required).
5. We are your number one partner for extended ink-jet operator- and/or technical trainings.
6. We supply you with parts, and all consumables for Kodak (previous Scitex) printers.
7. CHIP International is an independent consult of all ink-jet printing solutions and applications including software and hardware/equipment.
8. We are developing and building special hardware and software for tracking and camera reading systems.
9. CHIP International offers you the possibility to RENT an fully equipped Kodak 5120, 5122 and/or 5240 printing system(s), including multiple controller.